Sunday, December 9, 2007 Oakland - Paramount Theatre


Act 1 - Clyde 

Bouncing Off Clouds

Little Earthquakes



Girl Disappearing

Beauty of Speed


Professional Widow

Act 2 - Tori

Big Wheel

a sorta fairytale

The Power of Orange Knickers

Cornflake Girl



Baker Baker


The Beekeeper


Code Red

Precious Things

Digital Ghost



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This show was my third Tori  show in the US. There was also no regular meet and greet but while waiting, we saw Tori arrive dressed as Clyde (she'd been doing some recording for the dvd). Melanie and me had gold VIP tickets. We waited for a long time before getting inside the venue with the other VIP people. We were then told that there would be no possiblity to get out before the show so that we had nothing to eat the whole night. We then could shop for merchandise and got our VIP package (a bag and a program).  After another long wait, we could have the soundcheck experience. Tori seemed to be in a bad mood that day, from the way she was talking to Matty, Jon and Dan. We could hear the power of orange knickers  and sweet sangria. Then us gold VIP had to leave and wait some more. From outside the doors, we could hear her soundcheck Landslide. 


The highlights of the show for me were Girl disappearing, a sorta fairytale, Josephine, Siren and the beekeeper.

  Please credit me if you use my pics

  Please credit me if you use my pics