Saturday, December 8, 2007 Oakland - Paramount Theatre


Act 1 - Pip



Fat Slut

Smokey Joe

Teenage Hustling

The Waitress


Professional Widow

Act 2 - Tori

Big Wheel

Space Dog


Cornflake Girl

Putting The Damage On

“I know my god” improv

Spring Haze

“it’s hairbrushing time” improv

Cloud On My Tongue


1,000 Oceans


Code Red

Precious Things

Digital Ghost

Hey Jupiter

This show was my second Tori  show in the US. That night, the show was taped for the upcoming dvd so that we couldn't take pictures or vids. There was also no meet and greet. The highlights of the show for me were Cruel, Smokey Joe, Space Dog, Digital Ghost and Hotel.

  Please credit me if you use my pics


  Please credit me if you use my pics