Wednesday, July 4, 2007  - London, England, Hammersmith Apollo


Act 1 - Isabel

Yo George

Sweet Dreams

Tubular Bells/Devils and Gods

Almost Rosey



Professional Widow

Act 2 - Tori

Big Wheel

Caught A Lite Sneeze

Liquid Diamonds

Band Intro - Cornflake Girl

Doughnut Song

Glory Of The 80s

Home on the Range



A Sorta Fairytale

Beauty of Speed

Code Red

Precious Things


The Waitress

Hey Jupiter

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This was my sixth show from the american doll posse tour and i was excited to see what Tori would come up with for the 4th of July. First thing that day we went to Spitafields market, a place that Tori had recently talked about in an interview. Then we went to the meet and greet (around 2pm) but when we arrived, Tori was already out and there were much more people than the previous day. It then started raining so soon, Tori had to go back inside.  Before the show, saar, me and a few afterglowers got updraded to front row on the right siden, which was quite an amazing spot. To celebrate independence day, Tori was wearing a star-spangled banner jumpsuit. My highlights of that day  were Home on the range, Tombigbee, Caught a lite sneeze,  A sorta fairytale, liquid diamonds, doughnut song and the waitress.

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Credit : Thomaz

Credit : Thomaz


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