Tuesday, July 3, 2007  - London, England, Hammersmith Apollo


Act 1 - Santa

Body And Soul


My Posse Can Do


Secret Spell

You Can Bring Your Dog


Professional Widow

Act 2 - Tori

Big Wheel



Cornflake Girl

Bells For Her

“independence eve” improv

Spring Haze 


Cool On Your Island

Yes Anastasia

Putting The Damage On

Black Dove (partial) > Brain Fart improv 


Code Red

Precious Things

Bouncing Off Clouds

Tear In Your Hand

Hey Jupiter

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This was my fifth show from the american doll posse tour. I was really happy to  meet (again) some wonderful afterglowers (Steve (Spacedog), Sid, Steve (Melankolic), Thomaz, Suzanne, Marti, Alexa, Amy, Sara Camilla Jenny...). Sarah and me arrived for the meet & greet around 1.30 pm and Tori was out very quickly so it wasn't actually as crowded as could have been. Finally, after trying at all the other meet and greets, we got our pic with Tori !!! i was lucky to see Santa that time (she was the only doll i hadn't seen yet so yayyy!!). My Highlights of the show were the independence eve improv, the brain fart improv, Spring Haze, Cool on your island, Siren and of course the Santa songs


Please credit me if you use my pics

Tori And Saar

Tori And Gemma

Tori And me

Credit : Saar

Credit : Saar

Credit : Saar

Credit : Saar

Me offering my gift to Tori (perfumed candles and lipglosses from l'Occitane)

Credit : Gemma

Credit : Gemma

Credit : Gemma

The afterglow posse : Gemma, Alexa, Saar, Thomaz and me

The afterglow posse : Amy, Gemma, Alexa, Saar, Thomaz 

Getting something to eat in covent Garden before the show

Credit : Saar

Credit : Saar

Having a drink after the show


Please credit me if you use my pics