Sunday, June 12, 2005  - Brussels, Belgium - Forest National


Original Sinsuality

Parasol (Hammond/piano)

Take to the Sky

Jamaica Inn (Hammond/piano)


Sweet the Sting

Cool On Your Island (Fender Rhodes)

Tori's Piano Bar:

Red Rain (Peter Gabriel)

Running to Stand Still (U2)

Little Earthquakes

Mr Zebra

Father Lucifer

Cloud On My Tongue

Spring Haze (Hammond/piano)

The Beekeeper

E n c o r e 1 :


Sleeps with Butterflies

E n c o r e 2 :

Playboy Mommy (Fender Rhodes)

Amber Waves (Hammond/piano)


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This show was the first time i went to a meet and greet. I also met for the first time Saar, her mom, Mina, Inge and other Tori fans that have become so important in my life

We arrived at 2 pm and soon after that, Tori's Bus arrived at 'Forest National'. she went inside the venue and we were hoping she'd come out quick because at that time there were already a bunch of people ...but we had to wait for a loooong time because she was doing TV shows...Finally the M&G happened but we only had 10 minutes and it was quite crowded and pushy...we could still get to the front and i simply melted when she said to me 'Hi sweetie, How are you'  . I could hand her the card i had written for her and she signed my beekeeper after asking for my name's spelling...then i quickly took some other pictures and then had to leave others go up front....what a wonderful experience, i will never ever forget...she's so sweet and caring 

We were also lucky enough to hear her soundcheck when we went into the parking that's under the venue. During soundcheck, she played Little Earthquakes, take to the sky and red rain..  

The opening act was Tom Mc Rae...i didn't know his music but i totally fell in love with his sound...his set was only him playing guitar and singing and a cello player...magical..

Tori was in high spirit during the concert..she didn't talk a lot but her playing and singing were mesmerizing...She debuted Mr Zebra and directly played Father Lucifer ..that was sooo nice...and i was really happy that she played Little Eartquakes, i had never heard her during a concert i attended..

Cloud on my tongue and cooling were really moving ...i didn't recognize Red Rain but that was a top cover...very sweet ...And of Course the Beekeeper, my favorite Beekeeper  song, was incredible, on the B3 Hammond Organ

I was hoping she would play Blood Roses and Space Dog but the concert was so magical that i wasn't deceived....

Some pics i took that day :


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m&g 3


m&g 5

m&g 7

m&g 6

signed beekeeper


show 2

show 3

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