Sunday, June 3, 2007  - Amsterdam, Holland - Heineken Music Hall


Act 1 - Pip

Teenage Hustling


Fat Slut

Smokey Joe

Body & Soul


Professional Widow

Act 2 - Tori

Big Wheel

Liquid Diamonds

Spring Haze

Cornflake Girl

Doughnut Song

Caught A Lite Sneeze

“My Piano” improv

Flying Dutchman


Father’s Son


Code Red

Precious Things

Tear In Your Hand

Bouncing Off Clouds

Hey Jupiter

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This was my second show from the american doll posse tour. i was really happy to  meet (again) some wonderful afterglowers (Francesca, Scarlett, Inge, Andy, Schireen, Indra,Tom, Martijn, Franklin, Jenny, Sara Camilla...). Fran, Sarah and me arrived in Amsterdam around 1.30 pm and we waited till past 4.00 pm for the meet & greet. Unfortunately, Smitty announced that the meet & greet would take place after the show due to Tori doing too many interviews. Too bad because we were on the front row !


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Credit : Saar

Credit : Scarlett

Credit : Saar 

Tori was Pip that night. She was totally rocking the place.  My highlight of this show was Smokey Joe, my favorite song from American Doll Posse. The improv 'My piano' was hilarious and i was blessed to hear Caught a Lite Sneeze (my all time favorite Tori song) for the second time on this tour. 

We left during 'Hey Jupiter' to make sure we'd get back our front row spot for the meet and greet. Tori came out about an hour after the end of the show but we couldn't ask for pictures with her. She definitely looked tired that evening.


With Saar and Scarlett :

With Saar :

Tori and me :

Credit : Inge

Credit : Andy

Credit : Saar

Credit : Saar

Credit : Scarlett

Credit : Scarlett

Please if you use my pics, credit me